I use Mac OS. And I have tried to download your e-catalogs via website. But it is view error after download them.

I am afraid that you cannot download via our website.

Please click here to download our e-catalogs.


#. 2012 version 35years anniversary brochure


#. 2011 vesrion e-catalog

I would like to exchange my old bridge for a new one from Alchemy. Which Alchemy products will fit my guitar?

Please use our technical drawings, on which all installation sizes can be found and the compared with your old bridge.

How much do your bridges cost?
Our company policy does not allow our retail prices to be given electronically, please contact your local authorized dealer or International Distributor for current pricing information.

where can I order or download a catalog?

Can I purchase a Alchemy factory direct?
No, Basically we do not sell our parts directly to end users.
Please find local dealer from website or contact to ask.

Is Chameleon made from Titanium?

No, it isn't , but titanium plating is the most innovation technique in the world Plating skill.
If you don't like tone from Titanium products, you will be happy with Chameleon. Because
the standard material with titanium plating gives you many benefits first of all, you get more natural guitar tone than with standard plating items. You will get  longer sustain and better tone, also vibrate better. 


Does Fox tune automatically?

No, it isn't, but  after you have a playing you can tune your guitar easily with Fox Bridge even where you are without light.

What are the advantages of the Stealth and will it fit my Guitar?

If you have used a low pro Floyd rose tremolo , you probably have figured out get jammed. We will research which guitar will be fit Stealth.
Stealth give you more convenience when you need to change your string and the saddle is M.I.M process, so it is more durable than the standard steel saddle.

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